Our Work

Helping children and their families.


Through partnerships with various community churches, homeless children and their families have a warm safe place to stay overnight. During the day, the Day Center is available to the families with access to a kitchen, laundry, and shower facilities.

Supporting Children

FPBC is all about the children. It is through the love and support given by staff and volunteers that will help our children through difficult situations.

Case Management

Families meet weekly with their case manager. Through these interactions road blocks are identified and plans are made to overcome obstacles.

Developmental Support

Developmental accomplishments are critical for young children. At a time when most toys are left behind and anything other than basic needs are a luxury, children are at their most critical stage of development. FPBC works very hard to support these children and help them meet their goals. It is in this way that we impact future family homelessness. 

Support Network

Resources that can be utilized both in and out of the program are identified. Families connect with other organizations and begin to build their web of support.

Internal Programs

We have been blessed to be able to work with our families and understand their needs. Through these experiences, we have developed Internal Programs which serve as a kick-starter for families who cannot overcome by themselves. The Tucker Foundation understood the need for early childhood education and has provided the resources to assist our families. 

Family Promise of Bradley County...

responds to the growing need to provide shelter, meals, and comprehensive support services to homeless children and their families.

We envision a nation in which every family has a home, a livelihood, and the chance to build a better future together.

All Over the Country

Working to make an impact on family homelessness

It’s simply astounding to see what happens when compassionate volunteers work together to help their neighbors in need.  Over and over again, I see how families become empowered, and communities are transformed. Karen Olson, Founder & President, Family Promise

In 1981, Karen Olson was a marketing executive who developed promotional campaigns for consumer products. One morning, on her way to a meeting, she saw a homeless woman, someone she’d seen over and over again on her way to work.

She decided to buy a sandwich for the woman. The stranger accepted the sandwich but asked for something else – a moment to be heard, to be comforted, and to be considered as more than a mere statistic on a cold street corner. This began Karen’s adventure and understanding of the profound loss and disconnection that homelessness causes. That understanding turned into an enduring commitment.

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National Impact

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We Could Not Do This Without Your Support

The vast majority of our financial support comes from individuals just like you. We work very hard to create partnerships with social service agencies, churches, and businesses so that every dollar donated is spent with the utmost care. For every $1 donated, our families receive $3 in services.

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