Lily, her Mom, and No Kid Hungery

Lily, her Mom, and No Kid Hungery

There are many sides of family homelessness. One of the most damaging, disheartening, and easiest to combat is hunger.

How many times have you heard that children are our future? Without access to proper nutrition, we will be creating a future of leaders with individuals who significant health problems. They will be five times as likely to display neurotic symptoms and three times as likely to have difficulties with social aspects of life. Hunger also affects conscientiousness, organization, and the ability to follow through with plans (Time, 2013).

An explanation… the brian is the highest calorie consuming organ in the body while in early stages of development and is impacted the greatest when calories are not available.

Our future leaders?

Discover how you can help child and family homelessness.

Thank you to No Kid Hungry for use of the video.

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